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Our passion is to serve great coffees while providing a comfortable environment for you to relax in, either by yourself or with friends. Please, come and be our guest. Try some of our different types of coffee beverages, and be sure not to miss our unique Brazilian Cappuccino. If you’re not in the mood for a coffee, try one of our many herbal teas.

Lilian Trevisan

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The Holy Grain


I am from Brazil where coffee is as much a part of our life as tea is in England. In addition to coffee at every meal, we take two or three breaks during the day to enjoy a ‘cafezinho’ (a little coffee). My husband and I had our own ‘special café’ where we would spend hours drinking coffee, eating cheese, small sandwiches, and sipping expresso or cappuccino. Those were special times, and that was a special place.

I now live in Orlando, and really miss ‘our café’. When I decided to start a business here in Orlando I didn’t have to think about what kind, my heart told me to open a café. It had to be just like the one that was so special to me; a warm, friendly place where people can come to enjoy good coffee, food and friends. I hope you love this experience as much as I did, and still do.

Seja bem vindo e aproveite! (Welcome and Enjoy)

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